I Want You Yovanni

I Want You

Watch as you'll see the temptations arise through Dance Music, while international recording artist YOVANNI delivers with his superb vocals as he has nothing to hide but plenty to show


La Noche Provoca

La Noche Provoca

Miratti, a young group of twin sisters and two guys originally from Mexico debuts in the Latin Pop genre with "La Noche Provoca" charting at # 3 National Top 20 Latin Club Charts and on the Top 20 in 10 of 12 Latin Dance Record Pools Nationwide under Trigga Entertainment.  

Miss Autumn Leaves

My Love

My Love

Ebby Drenthe (also known as MISS AUTUMN LEAVES), is a lovely lady with a good sense of humor and many artistic skills. She plays guitar, writes, composes and sings her own music. She loves music, art, fashion, poetry, writing and people. Her performances always blast you away, full of energy and joy. Her mezzo-alto voice is beautifully deep, warm and powerful.

Carol Havana

Dance Like That


The capital of Cuba, the most famous cigar. these are the things that come to mind when one thinks of Havana. Havana is about to be redefined in the consciousness of the music loving world as 'The Irish Girl with Latin Spirit' with her urban dance sound with a Latin twist.  

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Trigga Entertainment


Miratti T-Shirts Sponsored by Pain vs Guilt

Miratti T-Shirts are officially available for fans all over the world. Stay tune for the official Miratti Store coming soon!


Miratti Charts at #5 on DJ Times

Latin pop band Miratti continues to top the DJ charts with their latest release “La Noche Provoca” staying at #5...


Miratti Live In Southern, California

Miratti will be performing live in Souther California on May 9th, 2015 in celebration of the Multicultural Entertainment Group.  There...


Power House FM

check out the latest EDM and pop hits from recording artists from Miami to Brazil. POWER HOUSE FM is also...


YOVANNI Back in the Recording Studio

International recording artist is back in New York and Europe recording new music for 2015. Stay tune for more updates.

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